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Ebay Auction/Listing Templates FAQ's.

Question: If I buy one of your templates, can I use with all of my ebay listings/auctions?

Answer: You certainly can! Once you buy an auction template from me you can then go and use that template an unlimited amount of times for your own auctions listings.

Question: I've just bought one of your templates. Can I use the graphics/template to make my own About Me page or Store front

Answer: Unfortunately no. When you buy one of my auction templates, you are really buying a single license to use that auction template as it is sold. I do state this within my Auctions/Listing these terms. If this was not the case, I would have to sell the templates for A LOT more than the low prices I offer them for on ebay.

Question: I've just bought one of your templates. Can I use the logo from the template and the Paypal buttons for my other ebay or non-ebay related pages that I'm not using the template for?

Answer: Unfortunately no. When you buy on of my auction templates, you are really buying a single license to use that auction template as is. You are NOT permitted to 'break up' the template & graphics for use elsewhere as statement within my listings.

Question: I've just bought one of your templates. I would like a matching About Me page and or a Store Front & logo, can you do this?

Answer: Of course I can. As the copyright owner and creator of all of my own graphics and the templates design, I can create matching pages for your other ebay needs. Please see our Ebay Goodies section for further details.

Question: How do I copy and paste?

Don't feel silly for asking this question as a lot of people don't know how to do this.

Just to explain a little something to you; a web site is pretty much made up of two layers. The first or top layer is what everyone sees on the Internet with all the whistles and frills. The second or bottom layer is the code that Designers use to create what you see online. This is called HTML (hyper text markup language).

To copy one of my templates, what you are really wanting to do is copy is the HTML code so that when the template is online, everyone can see the 'top' layer so to speak. To do this you need to open the template using Notepad (standard with Windows software) which will allow you to see all of the coding for the template. To find and use Notepad, go to your 'Start' menu button, then Programs>

Then with Notepad open, browse to the folder that contains your saved template .html file and open it. You then simply need to click on "Edit" (second from the left in the top menu)>then 'Select All' then 'Edit'>'Copy'. The file has now been copied.

To 'paste' the copied file, you need to have open the format in which you are going to work in ie. Turbo Lister or HTML Editor and then in CODE VIEW (or HTML VIEW) simply right click your mouse and select 'PASTE'. Then toggle back to normal of WYSIWYG vie and TaDa, there is your template!

Question: I don't understand HTML at all, is there a way that I can edit the template in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) view?

Answer: Certainly and a lot of people get nervous about having to edit HTML. I have provided a free online WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) + html Editor here. To use the Editor you need to copy and paste the HTML for your template into the HTML section. So follow the steps above to copy and paste your templates code into the Editor. There are some instructions on the Editors page that may also help you. Once you have finished making the changes you want to the template, Simply copy and paste the HTML code again (this time from within the Editor) and paste the code into a new .htm file within you 'My Documents' folder.

Question: I use SellerSourceBook, can I use your templates there?

Answer: Yes, you sure can.

I will be adding more to this section shortly.

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